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same-sex and love

The goddess desire and love are neither male nor female
As Homosexuality is the lust and love between same-sex , which may belong to the individual sexual experience as well as a continuing union between two sexually associates. Although this is not the direction, with the goddess who brought the joy and love in the world in order to fertilize them and to animate these love is from her. Although the statements of the religious sanctuary connected closely with the natural conditions of life, as they take their starting point of the awareness of man and therefore the first thing the biological conditions of the public life and his becoming reflect what they see as the divine activity in the recovery of the world. This revival of the world by lust and love of the goddess stands in indissoluble connection with the reproduction and the related experiences of the individual, as in orgasm. The sexuality as an expression of becoming, as illustrating the life, necessarily created as a bipolar process, since each has a beginning and are therefore only by the addition of the One to the Other can be initiated. As far as the sanctuary for the worship of the goddess in such Sakralakt and the Galaktisierung for their love and desire is to be found, it ties in accordance with these basic biological conditioning of sexual acts with persons of different gender. For the world was, with few exceptions (in which the addition of the one carried out on the other hand, they were modified), just not through the introduction of parthenogenesis (virgin birth) revived, but by penetration of the power of the goddess than her on the life looking divine energy in the form of pleasure and love that make the different sexes are combined. The joy and love of the goddess are self-centered but as the life force that is fed by their divine energy, compared to a bipolar distinction between male and female indifferent. Their energy comes from her divine being which are different from being in any moment of life itself is not. A distinction between female and male has no sense and there comes only one child transmission of their own living conditions known to everything else that can be. That the divine being is the only Will the inherent distinction between the sexes as its own, would be no less obvious to transfer as any other conceivable property of the people to the gods, a senseless act is why we see in the sanctuary also God as something that is as goddess and the goddess as one who is as God, and otherwise keep it with the distinction between singular and plural. However, this means that that with which the goddess of the world market has increased and they man as part of their shows as their desire and love and also as the desirable end of luck to him , neither male nor female. Men and women can share in this divine power, such as in orgasm even as his own, with their different sex no importance, for it is the goddess of love and desire, they experience it. infected but in man the Divine regardless of sex, then this may be not exclusive condition for the experience of the divine.

In worship we praise the creator, not that of her thing created
The bipolar sexual differentiation develops only with the next step, its importance when, for example in biology and evolution of this property , in the divine love and desire to participate, to Conditioning of the people for the purpose of conservation of the species is used. It was the love of the goddess of nature combined with the efforts of the conservation of the species, but was not the conservation of the species that created this desire and love. In the worship of the goddess in the sanctuary, it is precisely not to the conservation of nature, not about receiving, and witnesses of children and thus not the transmission of life, but - well below targeted usage of these biological conditioning-on to the reduction of pure lust and divine love and the light that illuminates the human fortunately out anything beyond nature. Meaning of our worship is, precisely, directly to the Divine push forward, that is outside of the terrestrial evolutionary exploitation of lust and love for the conservation of nature and life in general. Otherwise it would be hard to understand that decline, given the duty of the goddess over the loyalty to the promised its binding partners. The goddess with the power of their heart and soul into the world and therewith life to the world with life in general. But if we honor the Goddess and even praise, then we return immediately to her as a creator and not what they created their own lust and love, and not only the way in which these acts in the world. This action we take well to start, but look for the goddess in their pure joy and love.

The homosexual lust and love comes from the goddess
from this direct experience of divinity, how can the desire and love of the goddess who animates the world, therefore people are not excluded, otherwise how to live in civilian life outside the territorial bodies of the sanctuary and the times of the goddess, her sexuality differently than is specified in the biological determination to preserve the species. The joy and love they same-sex experience, irrespective of possible reasons for this is none other than that, has the goddess of fertilized the world and revived. In the worship of the sanctuary is about the recovery of the pure energy of the divine love and desire, no matter in what form her appearance, so far are the divine rules only safeguard. These relate not to the protection of the weak and even self-employed as well as freedom and dignity, all divine attributes of each man. It is even just the fate of gay-loving people to prove the general validity located in the heart and soul of the goddess display of power and energy, because in general means to be detached even from the biological determination. For if the first is not the unipolar (rather than bipolar) divine energy, but the bipolar (conditioned by the nature of) two sexes, then it would be difficult to understand that obviously same-sex sexual relations and partnership in the intensity of pleasure and love is not for emotional experience of their heterosexual counterparts differ. Everything comes from the same power of the goddess, and therefore can not be otherwise. For the goddess says every joy and love.

limits sexual equality
, breach of the divine origin of all desire and love for is therefore the frequent persecution of homosexual love and always insulted the goddesses. This applies only to the extent it is like in the religious worship in the sanctuary to the pure joy and love of the goddess, can not however be transferred to what causes this divine energy in the recovery of the world, namely, the universal life, as which is a part Each and every one prove, if they continue to give life to others, so the witness and receive. Lack of comparable There can be no equality, for, as determined by the will of the Goddess in nature, this requires the development of different sexuality of women and men everywhere may be what started building on that only, desire and love of the Goddess has invariably bipolar. This is also not neglect the same sex lover, but is so special of her love. Even if it were a form of nature as well, such as would be because they shared the same-sex love and desire for control of public life (in terms of the population on the earth or part of it), the exclusion of bipolarity and should therefore and the individual thereby propagating straight be effected. Your children are always the result, which causes the goddess of sexual differences. This relationship between rule and exception to the lives, suggesting here that, even in the sanctuary to some ritual features, such as requiring that same-sex acts of religious ritual of a limited participation andersgeschlechtlicher creditors. For the Sakralakt aims to recover the body of the goddess to bless them, so that it requires the physical linkage of the exception to the rule.


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